Thursday, May 31, 2007


As I looked back on all my post I began to realize that all my topics have changed a little bit, so I am going to bring you up to date to what is going on with each topic.

  • Stress of school: Stress at school is still going strong because of finals coming up, but after finals I have about a week break until I start one of my summer classes (so I can get it out of the road).
  • Finding enough time: Finding time with friends it rough but with school coming to an end it is much easier to see everyone. My boyfriend and I have worked out a schedule that we both can work around to see each other. My friends and me also plan on having a "girls night" once a week to get away from everything and just have fun.
  • Losing a friend: This is the one that has changed the most, my friend has been in contact with me through text messaging and keeping me updated with everything. Recently she left for a treatment center and is very home sick. Everything seems to be improving and I hope this could be a new beginning, where we left off. I can honestly say that she is the one friend that always was there for me when I needed her and it has been really hard lately without her. When I first got her text I was trilled beyond belief.
  • Sleep: Sleep, still not getting enough to make my body happy. With school ending it should cut back all my hours at school and studying, which will help out a lot.
  • Living in a small town: Recently I have broke the small town roll that I play, and let peer pressure get to me when I was upset about my major. I hate lying to my parents because I know they will find out or they probably already know and are just waiting for me to confess, but I'm not.
  • School: I got the letter from my major saying, "I'm sorry to inform you but after reviewing your application we can not accept you," I was a little crazy, which let into the whole breaking the small town roll. Next Thursday I have a meeting with a guy in Columbus to help me plan out my next few years to get my where I want me instead of having someone call me stupid. I am smarter to go somewhere else when I don't get the answer I wanted.

There has been my life updated from the past couple weeks, not much has changed but what has changed has been dramatic. With finals coming up I am gonna try to relax and push through it all because when June 6th hits I am school free...for about a week!!!


Nadine said...

I really like how you went and gave everyone an update on all of the things you have been stressed about. Im sure for many people including myself who read yours when we have the time in class that its nice to know that everything is starting to work out for you! Im sure that you will go far in life and dont ever let someone tell you your stupid. As for everything else there are always times when its stressful you just gotta know that you can get through them! Glad to hear your friend is going to treatment and that shes talking to you again! Keep being there for her and I'm sure you will get to see her before you know it!

Shannon said...

I enjoyed reading your most recent post Updates. I think it was a good idea to go back and give people updates on how things changed. Many things in this post have changed from their original ones. Like your friend finally coming around to you, it took time for her to realize that you would be there for her not matter what. I think it was a good idea for you and your friends to make a day just for the girls, I know that I haven’t spent that much time with friends this quarter.
Reading over your old posts I can see that you opened up more from the first three posts. I liked how you wrote about your friend. This does cause stress in your life and you had enough strength to write about it. I know I could never write a full post on my friend, it would be too hard. It took me long enough to tell our dean of students at my school. From losing and friend on your posts got strong because you added more detail and how it affects you. Coming from a small town myself it is hard to get away from the gossip that flies around. It is good to be the “DD’, but I don’t think that you broke the rule. I don’t think your adviser should have told you what she did; to me they are there to help you not to tell you that you are stupid because you got a C in one of your classes.
I think you choose the write thing to write about. You had a lot in common with it. I can probably say that with everything you were involved with this quarter you handled it very well. I enjoyed reading your posts everyweek

Derek John Boczkowski said...

Interesting post. A neat idea. Some grammatical stuff, here, Tab. Clever use of linking, too. Work on the things I've written in your paper margins. You have an energy to your writing that I'd hate to see dimmed by clunky grammar. Keep it up!