Thursday, May 3, 2007

Living in a Small Town

Living in a small town with only one stoplight and where everyone knows your name is sometimes extremely intimidating, but also nice too. People hold you to higher standards because they have seen you grow up and they have known your family for years. I find it rather difficult living up to everyone’s expectations because nothing is a secret in this town.
You can do something one night and your parents find out the next morning that you have got into trouble; news in this little town spreads like “wild fire”. My parents and family have made good influences on me to make good decisions. I’m an eighteen year old college student who does not drink. After, losing two family members in car accidents related to alcohol; I find it rather tough to put myself in that situation. Everyone in the community knows this too, and holds me to not drinking and relies on me to be the so called “DD”. I would rather drive them around than seeing my very close friends get into a car accident and possibly losing their life.
There are also many positives about living in a small town. There is not that extra stress of not knowing someone or not being able to trust people when you need help. Living in Hanover/ Marne there is always that nice neighbor or even family that is there to help with any needs. I have grown up living in about a five mile radius of all my family; thus, the explanation of seeing them almost everyday. I love having my close family because they are always there when you need them. Living in a small town is also nice because you never have to introduce yourself to someone; they already know you from your parents. A lot of people my parents graduated with I recently graduated with their kids. Although, there is the typical small town drama, from everyone knowing everyone’s business; hence, not getting away with nothing.


JanelleTravels said...

Aww Tabby I love you. You're a great friend. I'm glad you are the "DD" for your friends. I try to be one too. I never let anyone drink drunk, it's just not worth it, I would not want to see them die, go to jail, or kill someone else. I also want to thank you for sticking up for the class. I was very angered. I left a comment too. did a good job.

Derek John Boczkowski said...

I believe Janelle means that she never lets anyone drive drunk.

Anyway, Tabby, a nice post (for a quaint town, Hanover has an accomplished Webmaster!), but I must urge to to include paragraphs. Also, there are some places where punctuation needs work ("After, losing two family members in car accidents related to alcohol; I find it rather tough to put myself in that situation." has an extra comma and a semi-colon where a comma belongs). Print out this post and we'll discuss it in our meeting.