Thursday, May 10, 2007

Survival Tips for a First Year College Student

When first coming into college it’s a big transaction. Most high schools don’t get you prepared enough for college. Here are some tips I found to help myself in college. The list below is some tips that I wish I would have done when I first started. These tips are what helped me in the past two quarters.

1.)STUDY!!! STUDY!!! STUDY!!! Most high school students don’t have to put in extra effort studying for a test. However, when you reach college you must study because if you don’t your grades will plunge. For an example I did this in my Biology 101 class I didn’t study and I got a C in that course, which dropped my GPA.

2.)Don’t put things off until the last minute. When you get an assignment do it in the next couple days and don’t push it off until the last minute. Things come up and don’t give you the opportunity to work on the assignment full-hearted. I did this with my oral presentation and I am regretting not putting that extra effort into it because I know I could have done better.

3.)Make sure you read your books. To pass a class with a good grade you must read and not just take notes. Yet, the teacher does talk a little on big subjects you must read to fully understand the concept. I really wish I would have known this coming into college because I thought I didn’t need to read the books and I got grades that I didn’t want.

4.)Don’t cram the night before a test. It is a lot easier to studying multiple times before a test rather than cramming 12 hours before the test. I know that my brain can’t handle that much information in that time span.

5.)Have fun! Don’t get too caught up into studying. Hang out with your friends. This past quarter I have loaded myself down with work and school; I have not had enough time to spend with my friends. College is the time to party (just be careful; don’t drink and drive) so catch up on your reading the beginning of the week, get all your homework and studying out off the way, and get out of the house.


Nodie said...

Hey Tabby,
I like your blog. Sometimes i try to do some of the things you listed but its hard. I get distracted so fast, its not even funny. But i said that after this quater im going to work a lot harder.Lol i mean i work hard now but i still slack off once in a while. Hopefully next school year i get all A's. Yea right. Alright well keep up the good job. Bye :)

Derek John Boczkowski said...


I believe you mean to say that it's a big "transition" when coming to college. All that working in a bank is getting to you, I fear. In tip #2, you mention the oral presentation as if your readers already knew about it. More explanation, please.

My biggest concern is that you link to another list of tips and don't reference them at all in here. This is disingenuous at best and dishonest at worst. I know you don't mean it, but if you are going to refer to another list via a link, you should explain how it relates to your list.


Anonymous said...

wow--very interesting--looking back thinking about all of these "tips" and/or whatever you would like to call them, i must admit that i have done zero.

i do not study; sometimes, i may study a little bit i suppose. but i usually do not study and i get A's. just call me the "curve setter".

and as to putting things off to the last minute, well, that is what i do. i work better under pressure; and once again, i get A's.

read books? well, yea, i read in my english classes--but i NEVER read otherwise. and typically, i do not even take notes. i sit there and listen and i absorb it through osmosis and i get A's.

cramming is probably the best thing to do in the entire world--enough said there--it has got me A's

unfortunately, all of these "advantages" or whatever led to way too much partying--to the point it was no longer having fun. and what are friends? not real sure about that. because of my past use with such party favors, i take part in complete abstinence now! however, i do agree that it is good to get out and have fun--just don't do it like i did!

now a poem: (a Haiku)

"School is Too Easy?"

no effort needed
got high, almost died, got by--
genius and insane

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