Thursday, April 12, 2007

Finding Enough Time

Have you ever got the feeling that you never have time to relax or just have fun? Here lately that’s exactly how I feel. I am the type of person who enjoys spending time laughing with my friends and just having fun, but here lately I don’t have the time to spend with them. All of us are so busy with school or other activities that we don’t have a chance to ever catch up with the gossip in our lives.
I can see that not spending a lot of time with my boyfriend is affecting our relationship. Although, he completely understands about all of my different activities that are going on he is always putting out that extra effort to see me, even if it is only for a couple hours. A major down fall for not seeing him or having enough time with him is the great laughs that we share together.
My friends are a very important aspect in my life, without them I would go crazy. They are the people I go to when I have a problem or if I just need to vent off all my steam that I build up. It is hard to find time with all of my friends because some of them don’t get along with others. Therefore, when I want to hang out with them I have to manage my time between all of them.
The time I spend with my boyfriend or friends help me relax and not care about my other activities. We all share common stresses and we all help each other out when the stress builds up to much.


David said...

Good blog for one. Stress is a major part of my life to. Im so busy now and days that I seem to not even have a life anymore. resently I had to drop a class because I was way to busy to even be able to take it. Right now I have 13 C.H. and Im still busy.

Overall good blog. I liked how you explained how things are very difficult for you. But one thing is for sure, you are not alone.

Derek John Boczkowski said...


Yes, good blog. My main suggestion would be to give speficic examples (a time when you had to blow off your friends to, say, write a post for your blog, perhaps) to strengthen your posts. Be prepared to include links in your text to support the ideas starting next week! 5/5