Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Working and going to school is very stressful sometimes. It seems like there is never enough time to do all of the things that need done. The weekends are supposed to be a time of relaxation, but sometimes they can be the weekend from Hell. This certain weekend that I experienced was definitely a weekend from Hell. From the craziness of work, to studying for three midterms, a fund raiser I helped with, to a birthday party for my family members.
I guess you could say my weekend started off lousy, when I had to get up at six a.m. on a Saturday morning to the playing of an awful song that I can not stand. As I rolled out of bed I dragged myself to my closet to pick out an appropriate work outfit for the bank. One thing I just had about enough of is working in a bank having the stress of dressing up every day you work. As I headed to the bathroom to take my shower I came around the corner to feel a dreadful pain in my foot, as I stubbed it on the door. As I was getting ready for work I had a horrible rumble in my stomach telling me to eat. Running out the door in a hurry to get to work, I grabbed a lousy strawberry pop-tart and a glass of ice tea, the breakfast for champions.
Of course when your in a hurry to get to work, you get behind a crazy old person only going ten miles under the speed limit just to make you even later than you already were. Once I walked in the doors at work, I noticed there was only one station that had not been claimed right beside the person that I can not stand. After doing all the night deposit bags, I was already annoyed by the girl beside me. If it was not bad enough that I had to sit by her but she talks non-stop and really does not have much to say.
At the bank on a Saturday morning there is always a stampede to get in the doors first, of course everyone wants their money right away. Since the rush only last about a half hour I decided it would be a good idea if I studied a little bit for one of my midterms. As soon as I opened my book and began reading it seems like a stream of people rolled right in again. To make my day even worse, I got an angry customer that wanted to cash a rather large check that did not have the funds to cover it; therefore, he got mad and started yelling at me. I was shaking with hatred and my boss sent me on a break to cool down. Once I calmed down, I came back and began to work again, which I think was a mistake. Since that day was hell for me, there had to be another upset customer just awaiting me. My very next customer wanted to cash a check that was signed over to her but she didn’t have enough money to cover it. Before everything was over, she was crying because I would not cash her check.
A miracle came when the clock struck three. It was now time to run to a fund raiser that I was helping my dad and uncle with. When I walked in the door I abruptly heard the sound of corn hole bags hitting the boards. The fund raiser wasn’t what we all expected it to be and didn’t raise as much money as we hoped. I hurried home to study a few hours but I was exhausted. I feel asleep drooling in my text book. I set my alarm clock for the next morning’s adventures at the bank and prayed for a better day.
When I woke up it seemed like a better day, but then again it wasn’t. There was awful news in work. Not only was everyone stressed about mid-terms coming up but one of the ladies I work with fell very ill. The customers on Sunday had better attitudes and seemed friendlier. After work I had to head to a family birthday party for my four cousins. I could have been studying but I had not seen all them for awhile; thus, I decided to go. Once I returned hope I rushed right back to my bed room to begin the studying of my three midterms. I studied until it was too late and I decided I was better off going to sleep in my bed rather than on my desk.
A weekend from hell is a weekend with numerous stressful activities going on, that keeps me from my studying. The bitterness of customers can make your day go even more stressful if you can’t make them automatically happy. On a weekend from hell you can not let things bug you and just keep on going hoping for the best outcome.

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