Thursday, April 19, 2007

Losing a friend?

Losing a best friend is one of the hardest, most stressful things a teenager ever has to think about. It’s the worst feeling in the world to think your friend maybe be starving herself to death. Yet, this happens more often in society, in recent years; do to the fact of the stereotype that is presented in the “lime light”. This tragic disorder has fallen very close to home for me.
My best friend since pre-school has been going through anorexia for over a year. This affect her life, her families, and everyone involved with it. The big thing for me with this situation is the stress knowing that I may loss my best friend. Anorexia caused my friend to push away all of her friends and family, which caused her disorder to go full effect because she felt as if she was alone. This made her not answer her phone, never return phone calls, and never want to hang out with anyone because she didn't want people to talk about her.
The most stressful time I had with this situation was probably this past Christmas. We would always get together and exchange gifts and make some sort of cookie but this year was the very first year since pre-school that we didn’t even speak to each other. This was very hard on me because a few weeks after Christmas I got news that they were sending her to Minnesota for therapy; yet, I did not find out by her I found out through the “grape vine”. After finding out, I gather many pictures and other items and took it over to her house and gave her mom the gift to give her because she wont return my phone calls. Within a few hours of her being there I got a phone call from another friend saying she was coming home because she didn't like it there.
Even months after Christmas I still get the emptiness of not having her there like the old times and sharing the great laughs we had. I hate seeing her like this and it kills me to think what she is going through. I just hope she gets better and I don’t want to think about losing my best friend since pre-school. Even though she hates me right now for trying to help her and get her help, I know in the long run I did the right thing and hopefully she will see that later down the road; so, we can become closer again.


NYPRINCESS88* said...

This is a really sad blog. I know how it feels to lose someone so close. For the longest my friend was bilimic. I did a project on anorexia, binging, etc. I kind of understood where she was coming from. I did everything in my might to help her. I showed her I was there no matter what. She's better now. I hope your friend gets better too. I think the therapy will help her a lot and she will realize how she was pushing you away. Be patient with her.

Shannon said...

Tabby this blog hits close to home. My friend wanted to kill herself and I was the only one that went and told the dean of students. Even though she was mad at me for like a week she got over it and we are closer than ever. Its hard to see her sometimes because I know she still cuts herself and it hurts me to know that. She will come around just give her time, trust me she will thank you in the long run.

Nadine said...

aww this is a really sad story. i give you props for trying so hard to be her friend still. She will realize eventually how much you still care for her and that you have tried to be there for her! Still keep trying and i hope things will work out between you two. I have had a friend who was anorexia and a bit belemic at times. She went for help at a camp thing out of state and never heard from her again. It is a sad thing but you have to relaize as long as you try that you cannot change them!

Derek John Boczkowski said...


A superior blog, and I wish your friend the best. Note that the only thing keeping this blog from being a "5+" is that there are many small errors that proofreading would have caught.


Patrick Sullivan said...

I know exactly where your coming from, I lost my best friend in novemeber of 2005 in a car accident. It was probably the hardest thing ive ever gone through in my life at this point. I can remember carrying her to her resting place and it was a horrible thing to go through, but at the same time im glad her parents wanted me to take her to her resting place where she'll be for ever. I hope you and your friend reunite again someday.